Compassionate Leadership Boxset

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Compassionate Leadership Boxset

Our Compassionate Leadership Boxset is now available to all colleagues across Health and Social Care in Wales.

We know that colleagues across Health and Social Care are facing severly challenging times.

Now, more than ever, we need to see compassionate and supportive cultures across the system. Every role in our system is essential and every person is a leader in their own right - these masterclasses aim to empower all in their day to day roles.

The Boxset features a range of expert speakers recorded as part of our exclusive leadership masterclass series, which can now be plucked off the shelf at any time, allowing anyone to view at their leisure.

These thought-provoking sessions explore what it means to be a compassionate leader, even in the most challenging and difficult times.

Michael West masterclass

Michael West

Compassionate Leadership

Rene Carayol Masterclass

Rene Carayol

Extraordinary Times Demand Extraordinary Leadership

Margaret Heffernan

When we say we want a compassionate culture, what do we mean?

Rebecca Richmond Masterclass

Rebecca Richmond Masterclass - Under Review

Chris Turner Masterclass

Chris Turner Masterclass

The Power of Civility in Healthcare

Ben Fuchs Masterclass

Ben Fuchs Masterclass

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